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1-Ground test (10 to 25) A, (0 to 500) mohm
2-Insulation test 500V-1kV , (0.5 to 100) Mohm
3-Dielectric strenght test  (0.3 to 5.5) kV , HV generator compliance to EN50191
4-Leakage current test (0.05 to 5) mA
5-Multi functional test current/power  (1mA to 16 A)


Up to 15 measurements in automatic sequence and/or with step-by-step live assistance for the operator.
Measuring system for specific product requirements with traceability for components and accessories.
"Multi-print": Safety test report, product label, packaging label and many other available as standard.


Industrial PC, MS Windows Enterprise LTSB 64 bit operating system, USB 2.0 and 3.0, LAN 2x RJ45 and WiFi , external video HDMI outputs , data base in MS Access, resident Autotest function program with dedicated external "Test Load".
Large touch-screen 12” 4/3 gloves sensitive, Multi print funtion "Safety test report", "Product label", "Packaging label".
Are available specific versions for different types of applications for modern product technological innovations.

Quick installation


The ATB-4SAFETY system takes care of the electrical safety testing and functional testing of all appliances and electrical products in single-phase up to a maximum power of 3.7 kVA, in reference to all the electrical safety measures required by the standards in addition to the multiple functional measures (current / power) absorbed of the acceptance currents from 1mA to 16 A. the Plug and Work instrument allows the immediate installation and programming, the operator can work directly with the large resistive touch screen display 12-inch also be used with gloves or with barcode reader or with traditional controls. 

From January 2019 the single-three phase version is available

the definitive  solution for   SINGLE-PHASE and THREE-PHASE products, power from 2,3VA to 7,36 kVA  / phase (22kVA @ 400V)



The system is adaptable to the specific needs of the testing product with the ability to program up to fifteen functional measures in automatic sequence or influenced by operator, with instructions and images. At the end of testing the page activation traceability of components and / or equipment allow you to preserve the process memory , while the "multi-print" functions allow you to print product labels, packaging label, safety test report with three independent printers automatically managed depending on the test results and product code. The extreme flexibility of the saftware management and the database in MS Access format allow the application of variants dedicated for system interfaces with most popular database software. The external socks box connection, be positioned in the immediate vicinity of the instrument or within the testing area, it makes the system even more easily integrated into production lines.



Maximum confort in simplicity use.

- By company management;
- From bar code reader;
- From touch screen monitor;
- From traditional keyboard;
- Courtesy automatic functions for model input and serial numbers;

Multiple automatic printing in multi-format:
- Product Label;
- Packaging label;
- Electrical safety test reports and much more.



The types of programmable safety measures on ATB-4SAFETY are four. The protective measurement conductor relation to the resistance value verification between the accessible metal part of the product and the plug Ground contact (with power cable),under high current . The dielectric strength measurement checks the insulation resistance to the applied voltage (dielectric strength voltage programmed), that during the test shall not be the insulation failure with break down shock. To these are added the insulation resistance measurement for the resistance verification in ohms between the voltage parts of the product and the earth (frame), the leakage current measurement in a condition of 1 ° ground fault for the current verification of the perceived to touch the product frame in the event of failure of the ground system, the multiple functional tests in automatic sequence or influenced by the operator that allow the verification of the absorbed current or the power by the EUT and, finally, the self-test function inserted in all measuring systems and testing Abag to verify, through an internal software management and a passive load (traceable measurement) to be connected directly to the EUT connection point, the instrument functional efficiency through the objective analysis of the parameters within specific range of acceptance including the operational functionality and efficiency of internal sources giving outcome Pass or Fail. On the front and rear panel of the product are available connection interfaces seires that make it extremely flexible the measuring system for better management and / or integration.

Product connection box:

The equipment under test must be connected at the "SOCKET BOX".

The socket box is connected at the ATB-4SAFETY via robotic cable 2.5 meter length, ideal solution for extreme installation flexibility.



The measuring ranges of ABAG test systems and their configuration possibilities make them ideal to perform the electrical safety measures provided in most of the product Standards mentioned by Directive 2006/95 / EC.

As an indication only below we report some of the most common standards, for details please contact us.



CEI Classificazions


CEI EN 60335-1


Safety electrical appliances for household and similar purposes.
Safety Part 1 : General requirements.

CEI EN 60598-1 34-21 Luminaires.
CEI EN 60950-1 74-2 Information technology devices.

CEI EN 62368-1


Safety requirements for electrical measurement equipment,control and laboratory use.

CEI EN 61010-1 66-5  Prescrizioni di sicurezza per apparecchi elettrici di misura, controllo e per utilizzo in laboratorio.
CEI EN 60974-1 26-13 Equipment for arc welding.
CEI EN 60601-1 62-5 Basic safety general requirements and essential requirements.

CEI EN 50106


Electrical safety appliances for household and similar use.
Particular routine Tests rules for the devices that are part of EN 60335-1 application.

CEI EN 50116




Apparecchiature per la tecnologia dell'inforazione.
Prove di serie per la verifica della sicurezza elettrica durante la fabbricazione.

CEI EN 62911


Apparecchiature audio, video e per la tecnologia dell'informazione.
Prove individuali per la verifica della sicurezza eletrica durante la fabbricazione.



Electrical appliances safety for household and similar.
Interpretations related to European Standards that are part of the standard application of the series EN 60335

CEI EN 60335-2-10


SSafety of electrical appliances for household and similar. 
Part 2: Particular requirements for treatment floors appliances, for rub-floors and wet floors

CEI EN 60335-2-102


Electrical appliances safety for household and similar.
Part 2: Particular requirements for appliances with gas burners, fuel oil and solid fuel provided with electrical connections.

CEI EN 60335-2-103


Safety of electrical appliances for household and similar.
Part 2: Particular requirements for actuators gates, motorized doors windows and door.

CEI EN 60335-2-105


Safety of electrical appliances for household and similar.
Part 2: Particular requirements for multifunctional shower cabinets.

CEI EN 60335-2-106


Safety of electrical appliances for household and similar.
Particular requirements for heated carpets and for heating Panels installed under removable floor coverings, for space heating.

CEI EN 60335-2-108


Safety of electrical appliances for household and similar.
Part 2: Apparatus electrolysers.








Without any commitment we will help you figure out how to ensure electrical safety, which standard apply and which measures makes during the production.