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Front panel:
- ON / OFF switch;
-KV button setting when pressed allows you to preset the voltage test with the dedicated potentiometer without making it available in the output;
- Multiturn potentiometer kV setting,change directly the output voltage;
- Led by side display shows the output voltage type: AC voltage Green LED, Red LED voltage DC(the selection is made through the switch selector on the rear panel);
- Display 3-digit, 7-segment displays the output voltage in kV;
- Potentiometer "Current Setting", set the fails current,the led next to at the same time as the audible alarm(buzzer) indicates the fail intervention, the fail voltage is stored on the display;
- Switch " time setting" with this rotary switch selects the time of the test duration or manual tests;
- "RESET" button,allows you to refresh the device, the reset button must be pressed any time of the "FAIL" and / or "STOP" operation
- "Start" button, this button is enabled the instrument for performing these tests (dedicated green LED "on");
- "STOP" button at any time, if pressed disables the high voltage generator and anable the FAIL;
- Connector "HV OUT" high-voltage output connector; - Ground clamp bushing (return measure).


Back panel:
- Power socket;
- Interlock contact;
- General protection fuse;
- Selector "Output voltage AC/DC".



- Manual and Automatic mode: In manual mode, the voltage generated is applied to the appliance , will be maintained for an infinite time, as long as that will not be pressing the "STOP" button; in automatic mode you can select the following test times, 4s, 10s, 30s and 60s at the end of which the high voltage is switched off automatically. In both operation modes in case of "FAIL" will be the automatic CUT-OFF voltage and it will be stored on the display. Using the "kilovolt setting button" you can present the output voltage without it being present on the output connector "HV OUT. The operation mode described allow to highlight a possible "FAIL" during all the measurement stages, even before reaching the maximum set voltage.
- Output voltage: independent feedback control loop from the power supply and the load, for a high stability and measuring accuracy, kVout = ~ 1kV / s
- Display Output voltage: display 3 digit with seven-segment, resolution 10V, (0 ÷ 6000) accuracy AC/DC: ±(1,5%+2dg.);
- Output voltage : selectable AC frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz (1) sinusoidal distortion <5%, DC ripple @100 µA < / = 1% ;
- Setting the FAIL current: by multi-turn potentiometer direct reading IFAIL (AC) 10 mAac max 20μAac resolution, accuracy ± (2.5% + 1div.) To 2mAac - IFAIL (DC) 1 mAdc max. 2 uA resolution, accuracy ± (2.5% + 2 div.);
- FAIL reporting: visual "Red" and acoustic "buzzer", with storage on the display of FAIL voltage. CUT OFF Automatic output voltage in case of FAIL with audible and visual alert (red LED)
- Supply voltage: 230V ± 10%, frequency (50-60) Hz;
- Dimensions: (L x H x P ) / (364 x 147 x 362) mm;
- Weight: approximately 14 kg;
- Warranty: 12 months;
- Certificate: The supply includes the Calibration Report traceable LAT / ILAC
- Delivery time: 1 to 4 weeks.


 (1) frequency function of the supply voltage.


Without any commitment we will help you figure out how to ensure electrical safety, which standard apply and which measures makes during the production.
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