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Everyone use the same words: "reliability, precision, easy to use, standards, safety, statistics and so on", but in the reality the differences are deep!  - ABAG, strike the differences!-

ABAG S.r.l.

Management system ISO 9001:2015.
Certificate No. 39 002131512 Certipedia.

Design, technical support and production of test systems and professional equipment, calibration of measuring instruments.

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An excellent service for demanding customers. Personalized management of calibration and maintenance. Calibration reports with measures traceable LAT/ILAC Helpline remote, support (web)site assistant. Short term rental.

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Theoretical and practical courses of electrical measures in the contest of the applicable product standards. Staff training for the use of measure and test system. Customized courses with frequency certificate and learning examination.

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"LONG TERM RENTAL" - it’s considered a service and not a financial operation. The rental fee is tax deductible at 100% during the business period in which it is claimed and it acts on all the taxes imposed on the company.

"FINANCIAL LEASING" - is the traditional leasing that today through the new financial law allows you to take advantage of the depreciation of 250%.


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A flexible test system, able to adapt itself to the specific necessity of the products under test. It allows you to rationalize and accelerate the appliances productions process in line with the current regulations.
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